Sunday, 18 July 2010

Christopher Bruce's Hush

I'm very excited because in A level dance at the moment, each of us are doing a 'performance piece', in which we take a piece of repetoire and make it our own. I've been assigned this dance from Christopher Bruce's 'Hush', which is all about circus folks! I've started learning it and making it into a solo with my teacher and it's so fun and quirky to perform :) Another work we're studying in Christopher Bruce's 'Rooster' which uses Rolling Stones songs as the soundtrack - how cool is that!? My friend Hannah is doing the 'Ruby Tuesday' dance, Danielle is 'Paint it Black' and Sabrina is 'Little Red Rooster'. They're all so fun to watch and Christopher Bruce is becoming one of my favourite choreographers. Luckily we're going to watch 'Hush' later on this year so I'll get a grasp of the character I'm portraying in my piece :) Who are your favourite choreographers and which works have you seen? Comment away! Peace x


  1. Wow. How cool. Thanks for sharing.

    Let's see. I don't really have favorite choreographers (that aren't well known on the So You Think You Can Dance circuit, haha).

    But, I'm really into the routines from the Alvin Ailey company. As well as the routines Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse came up with!!!

    Inspirational. :)

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. So You Think You Can Dance is awesome haha :)

    As is Alvin Ailey, Revelations is one of my all time favourites! Interesting to hear what other people are inspired by :)